Preferred stories and poetry


Резюме от: Севтополис - Градът на Севт III

Трябва ли Тракия да се разглежда неизменно като територия, доминирана от безписмен ... Прочети

Science, models and the mind

By: Abstract from the book: Cognitive Psychology

If cognitive psychology is concerned with the processes and representations of the mind, and these cannot be directly ... Read

The painted scene on the lunette of the burial chamber

By: Maria Chichikova - 2012

The decorative scheme of the burial chamber comprises also a multifigure scene on the lunette of the northwestern wall, above funerary bed No. 1. The scene has the following ... Read


Христо Ботев - 1873

Патриот е - душа дава за наука, за свобода; но не свойта душа, братя, а душата на народа! ... Прочети

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