About the page

This page is all about traveling, not only short comfortable holiday in a hotel, but much more about dynamic tours in mountains, archeological sites, caves and canoeing between islands in lakes and oceans, just like Polynesian people who did that years ago. We love also cycling and skiing at every terrain. Activities with us usually are not extreme, but just for pleasure, fitness and self-esteem. Almost all of our activities are adopted to adults, so no an unacceptable age or any requirement about BMI.

We consider Homo sapiens as an inseparable part of nature. No any mission for wellbeing, neither green nor industrial would have success ignoring that.

With adequate source of energy, nowadays we can even regenerate nature and make oasis in the desert. We are able to create oxygen, absorb carbon, recycle debris, enrich soil, produce and transport infinite quantity of drinkable water.

We strongly believe in smart balance between civilization and wild nature for wellbeing of both.

Every single step as well as positive attitudes prolong our life.

Together let’s make travel a force for good beyond green.

We are not green...